The biological water treatment plant BIO-25 is designed for homogenization, biological treatment of domestic and industrial wastewaters close to them in composition, and for disinfection of treated water.

The unit operates according to the organic pollution oxidizing principle. The unit homogenizer allows us to work with unevenly flowing drains.

The unit is a factory-assembled product based on steel structures with a modern coating system that meets the norms of SNiP2.03.11-85, which ensures long-term operation of this equipment, and is installed on a concrete foundation. Concreting is not required when you put this equipment in the ground.

The unit has a pressure outlet for treated wastewater.

The units are manufactured in the following constructive and climatic versions corresponding to them:

  • M2 – indoors, NF-4, GOST15150-69 *;
  • M2P – underground, NF-5, GOST15150-69 *;
  • М2В – bermed, NF-5, GOST15150-69 *;
  • M2U – ground, insulated, N-1, GOST15150-69;
  • М2SU – ground, heat-insulated, northern version, F-1, GOST15150-69.

* - the cost is indicated for the standard version.

ModelPerformance, m3/dayDimensions LxBxH, mmWeight, kginstalled power, kW
BIO-25 25 9100x2400x3000 7800 18.48

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