TehWash car wash wastewater treatment plant


Car wash services are popular today since it is a fairly profitable business. Although cost reduction is much more important here rather than profit. Therefore, it is crucial for a car wash to be ordered at a specialized company on a turnkey basis. True professionals from LLC Mehservice will provide the equipment that will allow:

  • Reduce water consumption;
  • Avoid fines for the discharge of polluted wastewater into the sewer;
  • Use all devices effectively.

The drains of modern car washes contain a range of harmful impurities:

  • Sand;
  • Rubbish;
  • Detergents;
  • Petroleum products.

Modular car wash from the Mehservice company is a profitable solution for most businesses. After all, such equipment can cope with the listed pollution for sure. Special attention should be paid to the energy efficiency of products. Technological solutions developed by leading engineers allow equipment units to significantly save energy, as well as the area for placement.

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