TehLos-110-Pr-2 unit is designed for the treatment of surface and close to them in composition wastewater to discharge rates into fishery water bodies.

This unit includes two stages of treatment:

  • 1st - oil separator sand trap with thin-layer cleaning modules;
  • 2nd - sorption filter.

Climatic modification: N-5, according to GOST 15150-69.

Manufacturing material – structural steel.

The tank is equipped with head walls for servicing the unit.

Head walls are made in accordance with the installation depth.

TU 28.29.12-001-74394109-2019

ModelPerformance, m3/hourDimensions
TehLos-110-Pr-2 110 (30,5)

1) Unit of oil separator sand trap
length: 9200
body diameter: 1900
height (without heads): 2040
weight, kg: 4400

2) Sorption filter unit
length: 5200
body diameter: 1900
height (without heads): 2040
weight taking into account sorption load, kg: 5664

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